Why Stainless




More people buy stainless-steel kitchen sinks than any other type of sink.  FOr more than half a century, stainless steel sinks have been used in industrial, architectural, chemical and consumer applications.  Stainless steel is essentially a low-carbon steel, which contains chromium at 10.5% or more by weight. The addition of this chromium gives the steel its unique stainless, corrosion-resisting and enhanced mechanical properties.

The chromium content of the steel allows the formation of a rough, adherent, invisible corrosion-resisting chromium oxide film on the steel surface. If damaged mechanically or chemically, this film is self-healing, providing that oxygen, even in very small amounts, is present. The corrosion resistance and other useful properties of the steel are enhanced by increased chromium content and the addition of other elements such as molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen. Nickel also gives stainless steel a lustrous and brighter appearance which is less gray than steel that has no nickel.

Stainless steel sinks by Just have many advantages and possess qualities that make them a good choice for any environment.

  • Affordability – While there are high-end stainless steel options, there are plenty of very affordable models that provide the benefits stainless sinks have to offer.
  • Improved – Stainless steel continues to be improved and upgraded. The newer 16- and 18-gauge sinks are thicker and less noisy than their less-expensive predecessors.
  • Durable – Stainless steel is durable! It is perfect for sinks and other applications as it won’t chip, crack, fade, or stain.
  • Bigger bowl capacity – Stainless steels relatively light yet strong properties allow it to be formed into larger and deeper bowls that might not otherwise be feasible with cast iron or other materials.
  • Easy to take care of – Stainless steel is easy to take care of and unaffected by household chemicals. It retains the original luster when cleaned with household cleanser and soft towel. Thus making it the ideal surface for sinks in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, laundry sinks and any other design and residential application.
  • Will not rust – The metal imparts a rich glow and adds corrosion resistance. Finishes range from a mirror like shine to a satin luster.
  • Absorbs shock – Stainless steel “gives” on impact to cushion glasses and dishes against breakage.
  • Accents the detail – Stainless steel helps to accent the architectural detail and eye catching finishes. Clean lines and cool textures reflect surrounding colors and patterns. Stainless steel will complement your décor long after trendy colors are out of style.
  • Longevity – Stainless steel is the choice to provide years of optimal performance and high quality appearance.
  • Recyclability and Eco Friendly “Green – Stainless steel is a recyclable material. Stainless steel doesn’t degrade or lose any of its properties in the recycling process making stainless steel sinks a good green option. Commitment to GREEN Awareness, Just Manufacturing utilizes this salvaged raw stainless steel in our production processes.