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Stainless Steel Sweeping D-Bowl Sinks for Popular Kitchen Designs, from Just!

Just’s “D” shaped stainless steel kitchen bowl has an arched or curved back-wall which provides a popular design feature, as well as providing additional bowl space.  Our sweeping bowls are manufactured from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel and touched off with Just’s fully blended satin finish.

Just’s has two extensive lines of these “Sweeping Kitchen Fixtures” :

  • Minimum Capacity Drop-In
  • Generous Capacity Undermount

Either of these lines will help you to expand the life and look of your kitchen.  The unique sweeping formation-configuration of the bowl / ZRO combination unit and the unique ZRO design enhances the look of any kitchen work triangle with a sleek clean look.

These fixtures are produced with a fully blended satin finish in 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel.
sinks are high quality, durable and are  “Made in the USA”!

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Maintaining the beauty of Stainless Steel , the easy care way…

Much of the beauty of stainless steel lies in its long-lasting wear and enduring good looks. Follow these few simple steps, and your stainless steel products from Just will retain their original beauty for many years to come. see more here