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Utility Sinks / Laundry Sinks and Tubs for Mudroom and Laundry Applications

The focus of the family laundry or mudroom is on functionality, practicality and durability.  The most common spot for a mudroom is just inside the garage or a back entry, so this area is the high traffic/high use area of the home.  Utility sinks are great for handling all the dirty chores that occur in a utility room or a mudroom!

There is an industrial aesthetic appeal to a utility sink.  It is a must-have for a laundry room, and it’s handy in the utility room and garage as well. One benefit of the utility sink is that you can use them to clean up big messes.  This time of year it is great for washing up with kids coming in from muddy play and cleaning dirty boots. These sinks help the messes get cleaned up without dirtying the rest of your house, so a popular place to install them is a mudroom, as it helps to keep the rest of the house clean.  Because of this, these area require fixtures that will the stand the test and stress of hard use and time.

The Just Manufacturing commercial legacy sink delivers beautiful functionality, with utilitarian form and style to the laundry, mud or utility room.  Only Just provides commercial-grade options like our patented “integra-flow” overflow protection system and a full-range of consumer and commercial gauges to our residential offering.  Trust Just to help clean any mess.

If you’re choosing a sink for your laundry room, you’ll need to decide what type you want and what you’ll use it for.  Here are some options:

Stainless Steel stand alone Utitlity Fixture
    • Maximum Capacity Drop-In
    • Freestanding Stainless Steel Laundry Tub
    • Ultra-Functional Laundry Room Sink with Integra Flow System
    • Generous Capacity Undermounts
  • Durable Large Capacity Laundry Tubs

High quality sinks and tubs that are “Made in the USA”!

Even if you don’t need a large laundry tub, an indoor utility sink will still allow you to hand-wash any laundry items that you need.  Smaller, more traditional stainless steel sinks are still great for laundry rooms.

Use the links on the right to browse Just’s extensive line of Laundry Tub and Mudroom Stainless Steel Utility Sinks.

If a stock fixture is not the answer, we are experts in custom stainless steel tubs and fixtures ~ no residential  project is too small for a custom stainless steel  laundry room fixture from Just!

Maintaining the beauty of Stainless Steel

Much of the beauty of stainless steel lies in its long-lasting wear and enduring good looks. Follow these few simple steps, and your stainless steel products from Just will retain their original beauty for many years to come. click here for tips on the proper care and cleaning of your stainless steel product!

Preventative Maintenance:

Laundry and utility sinks in residential or commercial environments are very prone to the possibility of overflow and all of the damage that can come with it.

The new Integra Flow system was developed in response to potential multi-level building flooding liability. These incidents are not isolated to multi-level buildings as any environment can benefit from being safe from the problems that are caused by overflowing sinks.  It is an ideal feature on a laundry room sink due to the nature of the workload expectations.

This feature is ideal for any environment where sink flooding can be very costly and disruptive to occupants, maintenance personnel and building owners.

The Integra Flow System is an especially effective preventative measure for overflow and vandal-resistance for any fixture in any high use/high traffic settings.

The Integra Flow overflow protection system is available in both self-rimming and undermount versions of the complete offering of fixtures and product categories.

All fixtures are 100% Made in the USA with only the best 18-8 type 304 certified USA milled stainless steel.  This allows Just to offer the best stainless steel solutions for laundry and utility rooms.