Just Manufacturing (Franklin Park, IL) is proud to introduce the Integra-Flow Sink System for their stainless steel sinks. Overflowing sinks are a hassle, creating trouble and frustration. The Integra-Flow system was developed to prevent flooding caused by sink overflow and features a high volume drain system capable of draining up to three gallons per minute. The kind of performance that can greatly reduce the potential liability caused by multi-level building flooding.

Sink flooding incidents are not isolated to multi-level buildings, as any environment can use the protection benefits of preventing the problems resulting from sink overflows:
• Water can weaken the integrity of the floor joists.
• Greater potential for mold and mildew to grow
• Damage that it can done to the rooms below and adjacent to the overflow Potential safety hazard

As a vandal resistant application, it is excellent for multi-level buildings, dormitories, assisted living facilities, academic settings, hotels, employee break rooms, and Government buildings.

The Integra-Flow is an outstanding addition to ADA compliant sinks, as the sink’s shallower code compliant depths make them prone to overflowing. The Integra-Flow Sink System is available on every Just Manufacturing self-rimming and undermount stainless steel sink design.

Sinks with the Integra Flow system are an investment in long-lasting durability. All Just Manufacturing sinks are 100% Made in the U.S.A, crafted from locally sourced type 304 stainless steel. Just sinks will look great throughout their lifetime. Many academic and institutional models feature reinforced ledges located below the faucet to provide up to 12-gauge material thickness for additional protection against vandalism.

Just Manufacturing has been producing quality plumbing products in the Northern Illinois area for over 80 years. Their reputation for quality and durability spans a broad product line of commercial and institutional applications. For more information visit www.justmfg.com.