Designing for a commercial or residential application is often perceived as a function of style versus cost. Just Mfg (Franklin Park, IL) offers a multitude of highly functional and economical stainless steel self-rimming sinks to complement any function or design.

A self rimming drop-in sink can make a design statement while delivering several key advantages over undermount sinks:

• The self rimming design allows for a wider variety of countertop materials to be specified. A self rimming sink can be mounted directly into any countertop material including laminates, tile and solid surface.

• For installation time, self rimming sinks are clearly superior to undermount sinks. Installation is quicker as it generally is easier to drop a sink into a cut out and seal it, than to attach and secure the sink below the counter.
• Self Rimming sinks, using the rimming lip, transfers the weight of the sink and contents to the surrounding counter. This gives these sinks the ability to support elevated levels of weight and rough handling that can occur in commercial appliactions, saving the owner money in the long term.

• Self rimming sinks are proven to be more sanitary than undermount styles. The self rimming sink edge is visible to the eye and easy to keep clean with surface disinfectants, while the undermount style has unseen crevices which can breed mold and bacteria.
Additional benefits that the actual rim provides are that the cut-out for the sink is hidden from view. This reduces the cost of the countertop production because the cut-out size and finish can remain “rough” or unfinished, where as the undermount requires an exact sized cut-out with a finished highly polished edge.

Design flexibility is maximized with Above all, using self rimming sinks if there is a need to change the sink. The self rimming drop-in sink can usually be easily removed and a new one installed in its place without disturbing the countertop.

Just manufactures thousands of sizes, shapes, and depths of stainless steel self rimming sinks to complement any design. All Just Manufacturing sinks are 100% Made in the USA!

Just Manufacturing has been producing quality plumbing products in the Northern Illinois area for over 80 years. Their reputation for quality and durability spans a broad product line of commercial and institutional applications. For more information visit