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Conventional Line of Sinkware:  Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Faucets and Drains

Because of Just’s market leadership, we are able to offer the broadest Conventional Sinkware Line in the industry.

This line includes:

  • A sink that can be used for washing hands, preparing foods, washing dishes and a wide variety of other purposes.   Sinks may also have  overflow protection feature.
  • A faucet that can supply hot and cold water, control water pressure and may also include a spray feature to be used for faster rinsing.
  • A drain to remove food particles and used water.  The drain may also include a strainer, disposal and/or shut-off device.


Our Conventional Stainless Steel Sinkware line consists of undermount and drop-in bowls. These are available in single, double and triple bowl models.  It is most commonly used in kitchens and commercial applications because it represents a good trade off between cost, usability, durability, and ease of cleaning. We provide additional quality options including; variable gauges, ADA depths, and our proprietary ‘Integra Flow System’ overflow protection.

The design possibilities are endless with the broadest line of sink models in the industry.  Seamlessly deep drawn straight sided sharp radiused bowls for max capacity bowl ID’s affording the culinary enthusiast the space needed for an easy  food prep clean up experience.

High quality sinks that are “Made in the USA”!

Just has an extensive and deep line of convention fixtures:

undermount sink
  • Contemporary Styling with Generous Capacity Dual bowl Drop-in Sink
  • Contemporary Styling with Generous Capacity Undermount Sink
  • Ultra Modern Offset Double Bowl for Undermount
  • Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Maximum Capacity Drop-In Sinks
  • Maximum Capacity Tri-Bowl Drop-In Sink
  • Ultra-Functional Sink With Integra Flow System
  • Maximum Capacity Single Bowl Drop-In Sink


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