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Integra Flow

The new Integra Flow system was developed by Just Manufacturing as a response to potential multi-level building flooding liability.

These incidents are not insolated to multi-level buildings as any environment can benefit from being safe from the problems caused by overflowing sinks.

Secure your specifications with the Just Manufacturing Integra Flow system for various projects:

  • Office break room
  • Hotel suite
  • Assisted living
  • Dormitory installation

Ideal for any environment where flooding can be very costly and disruptive to occupants, maintenance personnel and building owners.

Preventative Maintenance!

Laundry and utility sinks in residential or commercial environments are also prone to the possibility of sink overflow and all of the damage that can come with it.

Integra Flow sinks are available in both self-rimming and undermount versions of the complete offering of Just stainless steel sink sizes and product categories. The Integra Flow System is also available with our complete line of ADA compliant sinks, which are especially prone to overflow due to their shallower code compliance depths.